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About our approach

Homemade London opened in August 2010 with a mission to celebrate the best of London's craft designers and introduce new products and techniques to the capital.

We are inspired by fashion, beauty and interior design and we are committed to quality - all of our equipment, materials and ingredients are extremely high-quality, sourced from leading suppliers.

We have scoured the country to find the right designers to run our classes - people who combine creative genius with a passion to share their skills and ideas. We've worked with them to create unique  designs that are simple and elegant enough that they can be made within the course of one workshop. Every workshop is designed to help you create something that you're proud of, not just because you made it yourself, but because it is exquisite in its own right.

Classes are small, to ensure that you will get the personal tuition you need to create objects of desire, beautifully packaged to take home. The workshops are social experiences; you can enjoy a glass of wine and a light supper or an afternoon tea as they work. 

Most of our workshops are designed for people of all abilities and experience level, but where some experience is required, we'll make it very clear in the course information.

We host a wide-range of workshops and classes - from bag-making and lingerie to signature scent creation, upholstery and chandelier making - but we are always looking for new designers who can help our customers create something extraordinary. If you would like to suggest a product you'd like to learn how to make at Homemade London or if you're a designer-maker with a passion to teach, please get in touch at info@homemadelondon.com

About the founder

Nicola Barron is a fashion and interior design junkie who moved to Paris at age of 18 to immerse herself in the fashion industry before pursuing a career as a TV producer. After 10 years at the BBC she left in2009 to find a new challenge that would combine her skills and experience with her passion. As a serial evening-class attendee, she always struggled to find classes that taught her to make things she'd actually want to wear or keep. The inspiration for Homemade London came from a desire to learn from the designers she loves.